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12 December 2012 |
Three Spanish Speakers attending LittWorld 2012 from Mexico, Russia & Kenya. photo by Ian Darke

The Zorro or Lone Ranger model makes great TV but works less well in real life. That’s why Christ called us together into his church. But even within the church, we can sometimes end up working in what feels like an isolated situation …

To the Churches of Asia Minor: Biblical Truth re-published in Turkey

26 November 2012 |

by Colin Macpherson, Langham Literature Ephesians by John Stott in Turkish The church in Turkey needs help. Langham Literature is…
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There is Refuge in the Lord – and in Brazil!

15 November 2012 |

by Tiffany Randall Su, Langham Scholars What do you think a person would choose to study who wants to address…
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‘Churches growing in quantity and quality’

22 October 2012 |

A remarkable story of growth across the Democratic Republic of Congo by Paul Windsor, Langham Preaching ‘Before learning from Langham,…
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A campus ‘infectious’ for the gospel

15 October 2012 |

Alfred Olwa returns to Uganda by Andrew Robinson, Langham Partnership Australia Since he has been back visiting Sydney for his…
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