Strangers in the Kingdom: Ministering to Refugees, Migrants and the Stateless

A Book for ‘Such a Time as This’

28 April 2017 |

Migration plays a central role in the narrative of the Bible starting with Adam and Eve’s exile, to Abraham’s faithful emigration, to the exodus out of Egypt, and in the New Testament too, with Jesus’ refugee flight to Egypt, the pilgrimages of the Jewish diaspora to Jerusalem for Passover, and Paul’s missionary journeys.

The movement of people around the world has always been just as significant as we see in the Bible’s narrative and it is no different today, no matter the country in which we live. Since the conflict in Syria, however, the collective impact of millions of people being displaced from their home has captured the world’s attention like never before.

Rupen Das and Brent Hamoud have partnered to write Strangers in the Kingdom to give the church much needed direction surrounding an issue over which opposing views are competing for influence. The fierceness of this competition makes the need for biblical, theological and missiological foundations for a response to caring for the stranger, even greater. Millions of people in the Middle East leaving their homes, violence by governments and terrorists, the advent of Donald Trump’s presidency in the USA, European national elections, and the global rise of identity based politics means the debate will only become more intense. Whilst not a book on politics, Strangers in the Kingdom sheds the light of the Gospel on a charged political and social issue.

To be published on 14th May, 2017, this book addresses the current realities in our world arising from refugees, migrants, and stateless people, but most importantly Das and Hamoud bring the reader’s attention to God’s heart for the people at the centre of this hot topic.

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About the Authors:

Rupen Das has extensive global experience in relief and development and has worked with several organizations, including World Vision. He works for Canadian Baptist Ministries on secondment to the European Baptist Federation. He is Research Professor of Social Justice, Compassion and Development at Tyndale University College and Seminary in Toronto, Canada, as well as on the faculty of the International Baptist Theological Study Center, Amsterdam, Netherlands. He is also the author of Compassion and the Mission of God.

Brent Hamoud lives with his family in Beirut, Lebanon, where he is a projects manager with Kids Alive International, a faith-based organization working with at-risk children. His work includes ministry to refugee, migrant, and stateless children and youth. He has a Master of Religion in Middle Eastern and North African Studies from the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary, Beirut, Lebanon.

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