Pastor Acher Niyonizigiye from Bujumbura Community Church in Burundi

A book here, a book there!

13 June 2013 |

by Ruth Slater, Langham Literature.

A relatively small town in the North of England may seem an unlikely place to provide literature to Bible colleges and pastors around the world, but the office and warehouse in Carlisle is in fact a hub for a large part of Langham Literature’s work. In the Western world, where books are readily available and usually affordable, it is sometimes easy to forget the impact that giving books as a resource can bring.

Along with the annual Library Grant that provides hundreds of Bible colleges with thousands of books, Langham also supports pastors with much needed resources. Through the African Pastors Book Pack, supporters helped Langham provide over 6,000 relevant books to more than 500 local pastors. Pastor Acher Niyonizigiye from Bujumbura Community Church in Burundi was one pastor who received such a pack.  He writes:

Pastor Acher Niyonizigiye from Bujumbura Community Church in Burundi

Pastor Acher Niyonizigiye

The Post Office summoned me for a reason I did not know. And when I went, I was given a whole library packed in a bag. As I came back in a taxi (I could not bring the books on a taxi scooter!), I kept thinking what I would write to you! I was expecting two or three books, not such a big number of so interesting and important books! I am totally surprised!

 You cannot know how precious the books are to me – and our church! There is no way we can measure the good effects they will have on us. I was particularly astounded by the content of the books. It feels like someone knows the exact kind of material I was in desperate need of and has heard even my unexpressed desires! Every single book they send matches with a specific need I was facing these days.

I am a billion times thankful to you for sending me such valuable material. For me to get these for free, someone must have paid. I am grateful to anyone who contributed in the efforts of getting the books down to Bujumbura. I am sure these are very expensive books (especially the bigger ones) which I could not purchase by myself. I pray that God will bless you personally and the ministry that is making these efforts to equip God’s people across the world!

These kind words of Acher’s are echoed through many more messages that we receive. Principals in Latin America, librarians in Malawi, grateful seminaries in Myanmar who have struggled to receive good biblical materials for decades, all greatly appreciate the resources that they receive from Langham. As a ministry we are greatly encouraged and extend grateful thanks to all of you that have supported – and continue to support – our vision.