A New Release for Arab Christians

29 June 2009 |
Have You Known Your Spiritual Gifts?  by Riad Kassis

Have You Known Your Spiritual Gifts? by Riad Kassis

by Langham Scholar Riad Kassis

Warm greetings from Lebanon!

I am glad to share with you that my new Arabic book entitled Have You Known Your Spiritual Gifts? A Practical Study on the Gifts of the Holy Spirit (Beirut: Dar Manhal al-Hayat & Arab Baptist Theological Seminary, 2009) has just been released.

The book emphasizes the importance and role of giftedness in the church context. It presents a historical overview on the charismatic movement and outlines each gift mentioned in the New Testament. It offers practical guidelines for the reader to discover his/her own gifts. It also deals in a balanced and respectful way with controversial gifts. Although the book was written for the ordinary Arab Christian, it is also suitable for church leaders and theological students to help them discover, use, and develop their gifts.

The book was reviewed and commented on (book back cover) by the Revd George al-Kopti, the vicar of All Saints Anglican (Episcopalian) Church, Beirut, Diocese of Jerusalem, Revd Magdy Gendy, PhD, academic dean, Evangelical Theological Seminary, Cairo, and Hikmat Kashouh, PhD, academic dean of the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary, Lebanon.

I would be grateful to you for your prayers that the book will be a source of blessing in the Arabic speaking church.

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