John Stott — From All Souls to All Souls

John Stott, founder of John Stott Ministries, Langham Preaching, Literature, and Scholars Perhaps no one has had as much of an impact on raising the standard of biblical teaching around the world as John Stott – a pastor to pastors, a servant of the global church, and a friend to all those who knew him as “Uncle John.” From his home base at All Souls Church – Langham Place in central London, John Stott has influenced pastors and leaders around the world as a preacher, speaker, and author of more than 50 books and important scholarship—including the landmark Lausanne Covenant.

A Global Vision for a Global Ministry

John Stott’s personal and prayerful decision to renounce all of the income from his books and speaking honoraria launched and grew the ministry of Langham Partnership—a ministry that to this day reflects Stott’s heart to develop and resource biblical leaders around the world who can faithfully teach God’s Word and disciple His people.

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