Because God’s People Need God’s Word

More than 80% of majority world pastors, in places like Kenya, Bolivia, and rural China, are untrained and unprepared to lead their growing churches with relevant, biblical instruction. That’s why Langham Partnership is working to raise the standards of biblical preaching and teaching in more than 70 countries by investing in the growth and training of indigenous pastors, scholars, writers, publishers, and leaders.


The Langham Approach:

Langham equips and scholarships emerging theological leaders.

Leaders are prepared for a lifetime of ministry at the highest levels in their home countries—where they often start and improve Bible colleges, multiply themselves by equipping pastors and future leaders, launch culturally relevant ministries, and influence policy as they serve and consult with government agencies.

Langham trains pastors on the ground, where they live and serve.


We help pastors learn how to preach God’s Word faithfully and effectively. These pastors, who otherwise would have little to no training, are able to bring the hope of Christ to their congregations so that churches flourish and communities are transformed.

Langham supports biblical publishers and authors.

We support the development of biblical, culturally relevant books so that majority world believers can understand God’s Word in their context. In addition, biblical books are provided to pastors and students to help them prepare their sermons and study to become more effective leaders