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Africa Study Bible Launches!

28 April 2017 |

The Africa Bible Commentary has had an amazing impact since it was first published in 2006. The desire to have it in local dialects has resulted in its translation into six African languages. The ‘holy jealously’ felt in other regions of the world has resulted in similar commentary projects in South Asia, Latin America, the Slavic world, and the Arabic-speaking world. And now we celebrate yet another project that has links to it – the Africa Study Bible, published by Oasis International and launched at multiple dedication events across Africa and around the world.

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Earlier this month Isobel Stevenson, Langham’s senior editor, had the privilege of attending the first US event in Chicago during the African Voices Conference. The African speakers presenting at the event included the supervising editor of the Africa Study Bible, Dr John Jusu who is Dean of the School of Professional Studies at Africa International University. Other speakers included Gladys Mwiti, a Langham scholar, and Abel Ndjerareou, a contributor to the Africa Bible Commentary who has also been published in our Langham Monographs imprint.

The 350 contributors who wrote the notes and articles in the Africa Study Bible include many other Langham scholars and Langham authors. We rejoice that they have been able to use their skills in this way, and pray that the Africa Study Bible and the Africa Bible Commentary will stand side by side on many bookshelves over the years to come. The two books are complementary and will be essential reference works for African Christians for decades to come.

Africa Bible Commentary

We offer our warm thanks to Oasis International for this gift to the church in Africa and beyond.

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