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Author Spotlight – Daniel Salinas

29 September 2017 |

José Daniel Salinas is just one example of many leaders from the Majority World that bring a huge contribution to the global church, enriching and nourishing the church in his own region of Latin America and around the world. Langham Partnership is committed to equipping Bible teachers and Christian leaders such as Daniel so that the church can grow into maturity in Christ, and through publishing we can also share the wealth of these leaders’ ministries with other leaders across the globe.


Daniel, from Colombia, was the eldest child and only son to his parents who raised their family in an evangelical home. It was through the children’s ministry at their church that he became a Christian. In many ways Daniel experienced what we would all want for our children, to be brought up in the Lord at home and in the fellowship of believers. However, at the age of twelve his mother died. Daniel revisited difficult bereavement again later in life when his seven-year-old daughter tragically died. Being a Christian, even a Christian leader, doesn’t exempt us from the sufferings of this fallen world. But Daniel leads out of this human experience, as well as his spiritual calling.

Taking up the MantleDaniel attended university in Bogota where he became involved with IFES. It was this involvement as a student that led to him working for IFES in countries across Latin America and set him on a path of theological education. As a Langham Scholar, Daniel gained his PhD in Historical Theology, some of the fruit of which can be seen in his first book with Langham, Taking Up the Mantle, which chronicles the history of the twentieth-century evangelical church in Latin America with an exhortation for its future health. Daniel’s book is an important element in constructing a global history of God’s church from which we can see God’s hand at work in the past and the present, as well as informing our plans for the future.

Current MinistryDaniel Salinas

Currently Daniel is leading the Theological Education Initiative of United World Mission and his next book project, Prosperity Theology and the Gospel, of which he is the editor, is now available to pre-order. This book is being published as part of the Lausanne Library by Hendrickson, and Daniel, along with other Christian scholars involved with the Lausanne Movement including Langham Partnership’s International Director, Chris Wright and Associate Preaching Director, Femi Adeleye, presents a biblical perspective on this worldwide issue.

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