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Author Spotlight – David Zac Niringiye

31 March 2017 |

Bishop Zac is a shining example of a man dedicated to the Lordship of Christ in his life, church, society and government.


The accomplishments of David Zac Niringiye, PhD so far in his lifetime are already quite remarkable, and at the age of 63 he is showing no sign of letting up. The regard in which he is held by those he interacts with is evident in how he is affectionately referred to as Bishop Zac, even after he retired from serving as Assistant Bishop of the Diocese of Kampala, Uganda in 2012.

The Church by David Zac Niringiye

The Church by David Zac Niringiye is a systematic unpacking of the body of Christ. (Published by Langham Global Library).

At the age of 25 Bishop Zac graduated from Makere University with a BSc (Hons) having read Physics, but ten years later he returned to being a student studying theology at Wheaton College and was one of the first Langham Scholars. Bishop Zac led Christian student movements in Uganda and Africa for 30 years before ministry in the Church of Uganda spanning 22 years. But whilst his CV is long and distinguished, it is not the number of leadership roles he has had or boards he has been on that makes him stand out.

Rarely in one person do you find a theologian, activist, churchman and professional, but Bishop Zac goes against the grain. He and his wife are dedicated to those suffering because of HIV/AIDs and Bishop Zac initiated the first indigenous Christian response to the crisis in his role with Fellowship of Christian Unions, Uganda. He also has worked closely with governmental agencies in the areas of good governance and peace. A ministry of compassion and love has been the defining feature of his life’s work whether in student ministry, churchmanship, peace-building, humanitarianism or social justice campaigning.

In The Church you can read this remarkable man’s systematic unpacking of the body of Christ and the journey into the kingdom of God that lies ahead of worshipping communities. Click here for more details.

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