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Author Spotlight – Moss Nthla

1 December 2017 |

Moss Nthla is the General Secretary of the The Evangelical Alliance of South Africa (TEASA) and a respected evangelical leader in wider society, as well as the church. His role in this position frequently leads him to the frontline of speaking up for the truth of the Gospel, the teaching of the Bible, morality and justice and in this capacity he has appeared on television and is often quoted by the press. Leading TEASA and representing its over 3 million evangelical Christians in South Africa, out of a population of nearly 55 million is obviously a significant responsibility, but Moss carries it well. He is also a church pastor however, and his integrity is seen by the people he shepherds through daily life. It is this integrity that makes his calls to justice so compelling.

Moss not only represents TEASA with distinction but he works well with other Christian leaders in South Africa. A notable example of this is the open letter he wrote in April this year, endorsed by 8 other significant denominations and church leaders in South Africa, calling the ANC members of parliament to give a vote of ‘no confidence’ in President Jacob Zuma. Moss Nthla’s passion for social justice and advocacy was birthed in the struggle against apartheid but it rises from a deep compassion for the people of his nation, reflecting God’s own heart. Moss is similarly passionate for the poor and their good, and much of his effort goes not only towards national issues of church unity and governmental morality but also to helping people, planting churches in disadvantaged communities and bringing God’s kingdom to bear in the lives of normal men and women with the struggles of living in a fallen world.

Out of The Shadows of African Traditional Religion by Moss NthlaThis compassion and authenticity is visible in the subject of Moss’ book published in HippoBooks, Out of the Shadows of African Traditional Religion: Christ’s Deliverance of a Sangoma. This dramatic biographical account of the life of Francinah Baloyi and how Jesus Christ rescued her from occult practices speaks powerfully of God’s mighty saving grace. But as well as displaying the power of God’s Holy Spirit for transformation, it shows the orientation by God of Moss’ heart not to affairs of the State but to the state of people made in God’s image. Get your copy of Moss Nthla’s book and be inspired to share his priority for the transformation of real people as well as real institutions – buy your copy online today.

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