Langham Literature helps pastors in Togo

8 December 2011 |
Arnold Akueson

Arnold Akueson, a lay preacher with the Methodist Church of Togo, has benefited from the support that Langham Literature has given the church through their library grant programme. Togo is a country where evangelical protestant theological and Biblical books in French are both difficult to find and prohibitively expensive. In situations where many pastors and preachers have only their Bible and hymn book to aid their preparation, Langham Literature’s provision of commentaries, study Bibles other reference books for a preachers’ library is helping the Methodist Church of Togo to revolutionise the capacity of preachers. Arnold immediately took to these books, using them not only for developing his preaching but also for leading Bible Studies at his office. He says, “With the help of these books I am able to deepen my understanding of the Bible. This in turn helps me to better relate the text to application for my congregations. I cannot express in words my gratitude for what you have done for me and my fellow preachers and my church.”

Christians in Togo face many challenges from poverty, corruption and the influence of traditional African religion (vodun/voodoo). They look to preachers and pastors for knowledge, understanding, direction and encouragement. The assistance provided by Langham Literature is helping the church in its training of preachers to better understand the Bible in its original context, its evangelical, missiological and pastoral message, and to better link this to the preached application in the lives of Christians which is both appropriate to the context and faithful to the scriptures.

Michael Holland
L’Eglise Méthodiste du Togo
michael [dot] holland [AT] methodist [dot] org [dot] uk