Langham Preaching in the Pacific

13 December 2007 |

Jonathan Lamb, International Programme Director, Langham Preaching

Langham Preaching is soon to enter its sixth year of operations, and is thankful for invitations to develop preaching programmes in over 70 countries around the world. It is presently actively involved in 30 countries, with plans to begin work in an additional 20 countries. In 2008, the first steps will be taken for the development of preaching training in some parts of the Russian Federation, including an initiative in Tatarstan for 30 local pastors and preachers. In addition, pioneer activity will begin through the Mekong Project, designed to equip small teams of trainers from countries such as Myanmar (Burma), Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia. We also hope to see the launch of a small pilot project for Chinese pastors, which will be hosted in Hong Kong.

Langham Preaching in the PacificIn response to invitations from a number of Pacific Islands, Langham Preaching is launching the first Pacific training programme in fellowship with leaders in Vanuatu. Plans are underway to invite over 50 pastors and lay preachers for a level 1 seminar, to be held March 25-28, 2008. Small delegations from Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands and Tonga will join the event. Our hope is that these delegations will with assistance from LPA be able to launch training initiatives on their own islands in due course. Langham Preaching is committed to work with national leaders in the development of indigenous preaching movements. The conducting of various preaching programmes are steps in the wider strategy of providing support, encouragement and training for pastors and lay preachers country by country. In addition to the three-level seminar programmes, in many countries small preachers clubs, regional networks, day workshops and provision of literature all support and encourage the commitment of pastors and lay preachers to Biblical preaching.

Langham Preaching in the PacificFacilitators for the 2008 event include David Cook, Principal of the Sydney Missionary and Bible College, who is regularly involved in the training of preachers, and Dr Chris Wright, International Director of Langham Partnership International. The event will be supported by Langham Australia, whose staff and Board members will also be closely linked to the developments in the Pacific in the years ahead. For the future, it is our objective to secure programme leaders from Australia and New Zealand to roll out the preaching programme. Langham Australia and Langham New Zealand will work in partnership to develop initiatives in other Pacific Island nations. Langham Literature will support the programme, not only through the provision of literature that is appropriate for each of the seminar levels, but also through the support of indigenous writers and publishers.

Jonathan Lamb, International Programme Director, Langham Preaching