Merger brings good news for Majority World churches


Langham Partnership and the Eastern Europe Literature Advisory Committee (EELAC) have agreed to a merger that will allow the aims of both charities to be enhanced. EELAC has had a 30 year track record of developing indigenous Christian publishing houses in Central and Eastern Europe. The merger with Langham Partnership will internationalise this ministry, enhancing Langham Partnership’s ability to partner with majority world churches in strengthening local publishing initiatives.

New Man Publishers in Bulgaria is a prime example of an indigenous publishing ministry which is now sustainable without further financing from EELAC. New Man will continue to strengthen the local church through much needed literature resources, which are Biblically rooted and culturally relevant.

New Man is one of several publishers, either planted or adopted by EELAC, which is now strong enough to help grow the smaller and younger publishers across the region. The model has proved highly effective and can now be taken beyond Eastern Europe.

Dr Colin Macpherson, formerly the General Secretary of EELAC, will become the Creative Director for Langham Partnership’s literature programme known as Langham Literature. Pieter Kwant, the International Programme Director for Literature noted that, “I have always had great admiration for the work of EELAC and I am delighted that the vision that has inspired it to such success will now reach even more widely within the Langham Partnership global network, nurturing many more indigenous evangelical publishing ministries to serve the Church’s needs around the world.”.