In the midst of Ebola

14 October 2014 |

Weep with those who weep in Sierra Leone

In May this year we reported in an article entitled ‘Broadcasting Christ’ on an encouraging radio ministry in Sierra Leone in which some Langham Preaching trainees and trainers were taking part.

That was before the shocking Ebola outbreak.

On 15 September, Christo Jonah, the Langham Preaching Country Coordinator for Sierra Leone, wrote:

We were on the radio yesterday, Sunday, for one hour encouraging all to continue to trust in God, especially Christians … It was a phone-in programme, and we had a very good interaction with the public …

After our regular broadcast on Thursday in Bo, we had two very encouraging calls. God is still at work, and His Word is doing His work. We will continue to persevere, no matter what may happen. Please pray for us and for those who are faced with extremely difficult situations at the moment…

A month later, on 9 October, he writes again:

Our radio broadcasts cover a wide area outside the three towns [in Sierra Leone] from which we broadcast … [even into] the border towns of Cape Mount county in Liberia … The radio seems to be the most effective means to reach out to people because of the restriction to movement.

However, some of our Langham folk have been out in their communities to encourage people … In Port Loko, for example, Pastor Freeman (the local Langham Preaching facilitator) has joined other pastors to pray and minister to those who are sick or awaiting diagnosis…

One very important aspect of our work is to refute error. Some have been using the radio to scare people about God’s judgment or to claim extra powers to avert infections …

We are looking at Psalms this month. I will be on the radio this coming Sunday to encourage all from Psalm 30.

Some help has arrived. The Chinese have opened a treatment and holding centre outside Freetown; the Cubans … are in the process of setting up a treatment centre … the British are sending 750 soldiers next week to help with the fight.

There are many promises, but how fast can they set up hospitals and stop the transmission of infection? In Sierra Leone we have an average of 500 new infections every week. On Sunday 120 persons died in the holding centre in Hastings.

Beds are full and people are being turned away. Many go home and continue to infect others. A speedy, massive medical intervention is needed to halt this disease. The prices of everything have gone up, in some cases by 50%. Food is available, but very expensive.

We thank you for your continued prayers.

Let’s not forget our brothers and sisters in this terrible situation!

Let’s pray. Let’s act too?

Our leaders should not be allowed to ignore the fatal cost of our reluctance to deliver much-needed aid freely promised.

‘Rejoice in hope, endure in suffering, persist in prayer. Contribute to the needs of the saints … Rejoice with those who rejoice, weep with those who weep.’ (Romans 12:12, 13, 15)

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