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National Publishers for National Authors

29 September 2017 |

Langham Literature is investing in the future and is excited about what the Lord is doing to equip his church with national authors and the national publishers who can share their books with readers.

Tearfund coined the phrase “give a man a Commentary Series from Estoniafish and you feed him for a day, but
teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime
.” Langham’s experience is similar when it comes to Sending books is a necessary but short-term solution to a deeper resource problem. However, empowering national publishers an authors to identify and meet the needs of the national church is a far superior solution. A solution that gives voice to what the Holy Spirit has to say to that church.

The former communist countries of East Europe give an interesting case study. Since the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 Langham has invested in the birth and development of a number of evangelical publishing houses across the region. When restrictions and censorship melted away and national believers were asking what could be done to meet the vacuum of ideology, the answer was ‘why not start your own Christian publishing ministries?’ And this is what Langham helped to encourage in those early days. Because these publishing ministries were truly indigenous, they are still there, still publishing, still serving, still speaking into the local context, long after the inflow of funds from the West moved to more high-profile needs. Greek Bible Speaks Today Commentary SeriesThey are still there, in places like Hungary, Czech Republic, Romania, Russia, Poland, Bulgaria and even in some of the smaller countries like Serbia and Estonia. And where there are national publishers, the door opens up for national writers who can write into their local needs. At least 12 of the region’s countries have evangelical publishing houses dating back to this early investment and these publishers have collectively published several thousand titles, selling several million copies.

John Stott once wrote:

“One of the most encouraging literature developments since the collapse of the Berlin Wall has been the formulation and growth of evangelical publishing houses in East and Central Europe. Specialist missions performed a vital role in helping to co-ordinate these publishing programmes. Langham Literature also helped them and I am very thankful for this co-operation”

We pray that these publishing and writing ministries will continue to prosper and bless their nations. And we also pray for the many national publishers in other regions of the world who have a similar story. Langham seeks to stimulate and fuel this kind of initiative by coming alongside those who are being called by God to publish and write.

National Publishers in Eastern and Central Europe:

Bulgaria: NEW MAN (Sofia)

Czech Republic: NAVRAT (Prague)

Estonia: ALLIKA (Tallinn)

Hungary: HARMAT (Budapest)

Poland CREDO (Katowice)

Romania: EDITURA LOGOS (Cluj)

Russia: MIRT (St Petersburg)

Serbia: SOTERIA (Belgrade)

Slovakia: PORTA LIBRI (Bratislava)

Ukraine: COLLOQUIUM (Cherkasy)

ALLIKA staff, Estonia

By Colin MacPherson, Associate Director, Langham Literature.

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