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New Books in New England

1 December 2017 |

Once again Langham Creative Projects exhibited at the annual meetings of the Evangelical Theological Society and the Society of Biblical Literature in the USA.ETS logo This year the Evangelical Theological Society (ETS) met in Providence, Rhode Island and the Society of Biblical Literature (SBL) meeting was held in Boston, Massachusetts. It was a great time of showcasing our new books and our authors focusing on Majority World issues and perspectives in these two cities in New England to some local church pastors taking the opportunity to attend the events whilst they were nearby, as well as the many academics and students from North America and the rest of the world. The SBL meeting is always particularly large, being co-hosted with the American Academy of Religion and with the Institute for Biblical Research AAR - SBLannual meeting also coinciding with the other events. This will be familiar to regular attendees of these meetings, however, what might be less familiar is that the first day of exhibiting at the SBL-AAR meetings saw exceptionally high footfall for so early in the week and Langham’s prime spot next to the exit of the exhibit hall contributed to a lot of interest in our books to those new and familiar to our young publishing house.

As well as making new introductions to Langham and our books, it was great to see Langham Scholars, who enjoyed an evening dinner together during SBL-AAR, and a number of our authors in attendance, exhibiting, presenting papers and being referenced. The week and a half, from the start of ETS to the end of SBL, served as a demonstration of the impact Majority World scholarship and theology is having on theological education and understanding. It is a privilege for Langham to have been involved in the lives of the individuals whose work is making that impact, whether that involvement has been great or small. Langham Creative Projects is not alone in publishing Majority World theology, for example we met a Chinese scholar who is having her PhD thesis published by P&R. However, we are pleased to have Majority World evangelical theology as the core of our identity as a publisher, and to prioritise serving Majority World markets and readers with our distribution efforts.

New Books at the Langham Booth

It was very encouraging to see and hear people express interest in the books we have published over the last five years. With over 160 titles now published we had to be more selective with the books we were able to display at our booth on just two tables. Pride of place was given to the publications from the last twelve months in English, with more than enough books being available across our imprints of Langham Monographs, Langham Global Library and Langham Preaching Resources, as well as two new books by HippoBooks. In 2017 we published 50 books, an accomplishment the publishing team has worked very hard for, and we hope to maintain that output in 2018. One thing is certain, there are more than enough quality manuscripts from Majority World Christians that need to brought to readers in the West, the East, North and South. We are very grateful to everyone who stays up to date with our news on our website and our monthly emails, who buys our books, who uses them in their study, preaching and teaching and who spreads the word about what we are doing and our authors work.

If you are planning on attending the annual meetings of ETS or SBL-AAR in Denver, Colorado, next year then we would love to speak to you in person, so keep an eye out for our booth or let us know in advance of your attendance.

For those who signed up to our newsletter or purchased some of our books in New England, thank you very much, and we hope that you continue to discover more of the value of our authors and our books. Congratulations also to Rosanna and Paul our prize draw winners from ETS and SBL respectively who won the 70 Langham titles that are on Logos Bible Software so far.

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