Praying for Langham Scholars in the UK

21 February 2017 |

Langham Partnership’s Scholars programme supports men and women around the world in completing further theological study at universities and seminaries.

Here are prayer points for two Langham Scholars who are currently studying in the UK:

Oleksandr Geychenko – Ukraine, studying at St Andrews University

Oleksandr Geychenko.

Oleksandr is grateful for time he could spend with his family during the Christmas break. It helped to reconnect with his daughters and encourage his wife Tetiana. He also had an encouraging meeting with the leadership and faculty of Odessa Theological Seminary. They discussed possible ways of working together while he studies, and his role at the school when he completes his research. This meeting gave him focus and additional motivation. Please pray for Oleksandr’s family, and his ability to concentrate and complete the whole draft of the thesis by June.

Adam Szumorek – Poland, studying at Spurgeon’s College

Adam Szumorek.

Reasons for thanksgiving: in December and January over 7,000 people came to the ‘Journey to Bethlehem’.  A new edition of the Preaching Academy started and 45 new students enrolled, 22 moved to the second level. Adam managed to complete the second chapter of his thesis and has now started working on the last one. Please pray for God’s strength and wisdom in the midst of this busy winter time and for Adam’s upcoming PhD upgrade.


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