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eNews June 2014
Join us in prayer…


  • Please pray as Tim Johnson & Wendy Toulmin travel to Papua New Guinea July 14-20. They will be in Banz and Port Moresby with the local team of trainers for the second Training of Trainers. Communication with many of the local team is very difficult with no internet and very poor mobile reception in many places. Please pray they all arrive safely and in good time for the week of learning together. Pray too for the ‘Taste of Langham’ days planned for each location with local pastors and lay preachers invited and the local team providing the training.
  • Please pray for Benji Stephen recently appointed Personal Assistant to Paul Windsor (Programme Director), based in Bangalore, India.
  • It is a delight to see some of the lateral movement developing within Langham Preaching's global ministry. Late last year it was three Nigerian facilitators who crossed the African continent to lead the initial Level One in South Sudan. This month Emmanuel Oladipo (Regional Coordinator, Anglophone Africa) is in Indonesia meeting with Victor Nikijuluw, Beatris Pangala and the team. Pray that it will be a time of mutual encouragement as they share in the same calling to train preachers of the gospel.
  • Please pray for the Preaching events being held this month as per the calendar below. Pray for safe travel for all and that all participants will learn well and then put their learning into practice.


  • So far this year Langham Literature has provided over 60 books to 4 colleges within the country of Ukraine. Pray these books would reach their destinations amid the crisis and that God would use them to encourage the students to make a difference as the future Christian leaders in Ukraine.
  • Praise God for the wonderful opportunities Langham Literature has to partner with many evangelical publishers like Colloquium in Ukraine (see story below). Please pray for the funds needed for these strategic projects in Estonia, Serbia, Cambodia, Thailand, Tonga, Turkey, Myanmar, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Romania, and more.
  • Please pray for the completion of the typesetting of the New Testament sections of the South Asia Bible Commentary and that the Old Testament sections will stay on track to be completed at the end of October.


  • Give thanks Ronald Lal Din Suah (from Myanmar) received positive feedback on his doctoral thesis with only minor changes. Pray for him as he undergoes treatment for a hearing loss.
  • Pray also for Qaiser Julius and his family (from Pakistan) continuing his studies at the Melbourne School of Theology.
  • Alfred Olwa (Uganda) would value our prayers with his recent appointment as the Dean of the Bishop Tucker School of Divinity and Theology at UCU. Give thanks too for the recent opportunity he had as the Synod Preacher for the Diocese of Jos, Nigeria.
  • Please pray for Ma’afu Palu (Tonga) preparing the keynote sessions for the Melanesian Association of Theological Seminaries Conference 7-10 July in Papua New Guinea.
  • New scholars: Pray for scholars just commencing their doctoral scholarships this year. Pray that God will help them refine their research ideas and organize their new study routines.


Upcoming Langham Preaching events

•   June 8-14 Congo, Central Asia
•   June 15-21 Central Asia, Vanuatu, Argentina
•   June 22-28 Tanzania, Uganda
•   June 29–July 5 Uganda, Nigeria, NE India, DR Congo, Zimbabwe, Zambia
•   July 6-12 DR Congo, Tanzania, Bolivia
•   July 13-19 DR Congo, Costa Rica, Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Tanzania, Bolivia

Please pray for the Langham Preaching facilitators who will be involved in the training itself, and particularly for Paul Windsor, the Programme Director for Langham Preaching.

A Prophetic Voice in Ukraine:
Publishing ‘the things we desperately need …’

Earlier this year, Langham Literature helped fund the publication of a Russian translation of Exclusion and Embrace by Miroslav Volf.  It was published in Ukraine by Colloquium, an indigenous Christian publisher.

‘They [Colloquium] have a prophetic voice and a strong calling to shine biblical truth on their particular setting’, says Colin Macpherson, Director of Publisher Development at Langham Literature.

Colloquium Publishing Team
The Colloquium Publishing Team

Over the last 5 years Langham Literature has partnered with Colloquium to help them establish a sustainable publishing ministry in Ukraine. They focus on biblical studies and sell to seminaries, churches, pastors and individuals. Their current list of more than 80 titles in Russian and Ukrainian include translations as well as locally authored books. And believers across the region have come to trust Colloquium publications as books that stimulate helpful discussion, debate and writing on important topics for today.

Colloquium Publishing and Langham Literature has ‘an excellent partnership’, says Colin Macpherson. ‘We benefit from their wisdom and their understanding of the local context, while they are strengthened through the support and advice Langham can provide.’

In selecting Exclusion and Embrace for translation, Colloquium has done what John Stott called ‘double listening’.

Believers in Ukraine today face painful challenges. Many are confused.

Exclusion and Embrace Book coverVolf’s now classic Christian reflection on how Christians can put into practice Jesus’ command to love our enemies explores the dynamic power of the cross of Christ as the locus of forgiveness: ‘Forgiveness flounders because I exclude the enemy from the community of humans even as I exclude myself from the community of sinners. But no one can be in the presence of the God of the crucified Messiah for long without overcoming this double exclusion.’ Volf is a Croatian theologian who taught in the former Yugoslavia during the wars of the 1990s.

Colloquium’s founder, Alexander Bukovietski (left in picture above), says:

‘Ukraine is not precisely the former Yugoslavia. We don’t have the same number of ethnic groups fighting each other; we only have two: the Russians and the Ukrainians. Or the pro-West and the pro-Russia … We don’t have the same scale of bloody civil war on our hands, but these days we get dangerously close.  Miroslav Volf’s book is a powerful message on forgiveness and reconciliation, the things we desperately need, the things without which our country is doomed no matter how the current conflict ends. This book won’t save a country, for the way of forgiveness is always thorny. But without books like this we will have a lot more thorns to go through. This book is needed now … it will also be needed for a long time to come.’

Will you consider supporting Langham Literature as we seek to strengthen indigenous evangelical publishers in countries like Ukraine, Turkey, Tonga, Serbia and Cambodia?

Thank you for your prayers and support
Wendy Toulmin, Executive Officer, Langham Partnership Australia

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