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eNews April 2015
Langham Australia CEO Gillean Smiley writes…

This month I have been greatly blessed and encouraged through visiting the Level Three Preaching training in Indonesia; hearing how plans for the first Preaching training in the Middle East are progressing; sharing about Langham’s ministry, fellowshipping and celebrating the death and resurrection of our living Lord at the Mount Tamborine (Queensland) Easter Convention; seeing the South Asian Bible Commentary typeset files go to the printer, after the team has laboured for seven years to bring it to this point (see below) and preparing to celebrate with Ronald Lal Din Suah, from Myanmar , as he receives his Doctorate from Ridley College in mid-April.

What a contrast with the experience of great suffering and hardship endured by so many. The worldwide Church grieves with those in Sudan, Syria, parts of Asia, Kenya and so many other places, as we hear of war, persecution, terrorism and random acts of destruction.

How important it is that the message of hope and light shines into these dark situations, and that our Christian brothers and sisters in such difficult places stand firm and hold on the teachings passed on to them (as Paul prayed for the Thessalonians).  Let us press on in our goal of helping them become fully equipped to faithfully, accurately and clearly proclaim God’s Word in their own context and circumstances.

I want to thank you for your faithful and generous contributions to ensure our work at Langham Partnership is able to continue. We are occasionally blessed by anonymous donations, and it is impossible to thank these donors directly.  We are deeply grateful for your gifts, and we praise God for His work in you, even when we do not know your name. Thank you!

Join us in prayer…


Please pray for the Preaching team as they develop and distribute the following communication tools and that each will have its desired effect:

  • Prayershot: This is a weekly email that goes out from Claire Bennett & Ruth Slater (in Carlisle) to hundreds of people all around the world. Its goal is to galvanise prayer for the multiple seminars and events which occur each week in the world of Langham Preaching.
  • Helps: This is a monthly resource sheet produced by Jennifer Cuthbertson (Coordinator for Trainer Development). Its goal is to equip facilitators and trainers with simple ideas on how to teach more effectively. This is currently being translated and distributed in English, French, Russian and Spanish.
  • Postcard: This is a monthly communication from Paul Windsor (Programme Director). The first one is in the final stages of production. Its goal will be to update regional and country coordinators, together with facilitators and trainers, on what is happening and thereby build their sense of belonging to a global family..


  • South Asia Bible Commentary: Praise God that the final files have been delivered to the printers. Please pray that production and printing will go smoothly.
  • Bulgaria: Give thanks for New Man Publishing as they celebrate their 25th year of ministry. In God’s providence they have weathered various storms during this time and equipped the church with some great resources. Pray for even greater things over the next 25 years!
  • Library Grant: The warehouse continues to be busy with the dispatch of the Library Grant to colleges in many countries around the world. Please pray that these resources will be a great encouragement and resource to the college students and faculty members.


  • Ronald Lal Din Suah is visiting Melbourne this month for his PhD graduation ceremony. Please pray this will be a blessed time. Pray that the Lord will continue to guide and provide for Ronald, Mary and their children as they adjust back into life in Myanmar
  • Please pray for Qaiser Julius at Melbourne School of Theology as he seeks to finalise his PhD thesis by the middle of the year. Pray for him and the family as they look to return to Pakistan later this year.


April 12-18 China, Burundi, South Africa
April 19-25 Central Asia, Trinidad & Tobago, Colombia
April 26- May 2 Colombia, Ethiopia
May 3-9 Uganda, Kenya, Bolivia, Zimbabwe
May 10-16 Bolivia, South Africa, Zimbabwe
May 17-23 South Africa, Zambia

Please pray for the Langham Preaching facilitators who will be involved in the training itself, and particularly for Paul Windsor, the Programme Director for Langham Preaching.

South Asia Bible Commentary at the printers!

Langham Literature Editor, Isobel Stevenson wrote in mid-March:

SABC cover“Today I slept. I also read the newspaper, cleaned a closet and made blueberry jam. What sort of a report is that from someone you are supporting with your prayers and your giving? It is the report of someone who just yesterday hit the “Go” button on a project that she has been working on for seven years …

Just yesterday, the writing and editing phase of the South Asia Bible Commentary came to an end. The typeset files were at last declared ready to go to the printer. God has helped us reach this stage. He even guided us in dreams, whispering that we needed to conduct one final check of the 1826-page file. And there we found an instruction to insert a chart that had been overlooked…

”But the project is not yet complete. Your prayers and giving are still needed.

Now, we need the strong Bible-paper on which it is to be printed, the presses to roll smoothly, full container loads of books to arrive at their destinations and be cleared through customs and the efficient distribution of the books across the region. But above all, we need to pray for the many South Asian Christians -- pastors, students and lay leaders – who will read this book. May it bless them, encourage them, and help them to communicate the truths of God’s Word to others.”

Reading the Bible with all of our senses

How powerful our senses are! We breathe in deeply the smell of rain on dry ground, wrinkle our faces at the tartness in unripe fruit, or instinctively caress our cheek with the softness of a baby chicken’s down. Our most vivid memories include thrilling to special sounds or sights.

All our senses are powerful. However, we often don’t think to use any of them except our eyes when we read and study the Bible. Our Langham Preaching team regularly shares with pastors and teachers across the world ideas and tools to encourage them in their reading, understanding and teaching of God’s Word. One of the strategies suggested in one of the monthly Preaching Helps Sheets (see prayer points) is to experience biblical words and their context by using our senses.

Take a moment to reflect on the impact of this lesson:

Preaching seminar
Getting into the Word at a Langham Preaching seminar

In Matthew 8:1-3, Jesus touches a leper and the leprosy is immediately gone. Think about how that man with leprosy felt when Jesus touched him. Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to be touched by Jesus’ hands?

Imagine Jesus touching you. Are his hands rough or smooth? Is his touch gentle or strong? Are the hands cold or warm? Do his hands linger or does he hurry to remove them? How does his touch make you feel inside? 

When we take the time to observe this passage with our sense of touch and with our emotions, we will better understand the experience of the man Jesus healed.

Look at Psalm 141:1-2
Read the passage slowly, aloud. What is God asked to see, hear and smell?

Read Revelation 8: 1-5 aloud.
Notice all you can sense in these 5 verses by asking all the questions above. Imagine you are there experiencing this passage. How does the author help us “see” the prayers of the saints reaching God? Is the passage and its context more alive to you now?


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