Room For Growth

31 October 2009 |
Christopher and Liz Wright try out the new equipment

Christopher and Liz Wright try out the new equipment

September 2009 marked a big milestone for the Literature program. A new warehouse opened in the United Kingdom that has made distribution of evangelical literature worldwide more efficient, more flexible, and more easily available for partner publishers.

The Literature program works with some 29 publishers to distribute English and French publications to the Majority World at minimal expense. Previously, books were not centrally located, and equipment was not available to quickly distribute much needed literature. Orders placed through the previous distribution network of suppliers often led to problems resulting in long delays or loss. However, now most shipments can be sent at the very least via airmail or via a trackable service.

Now the Literature program can offer a more efficient service and can include titles from Majority World authors which were previously too costly or otherwise impossible to ship. Best of all, the warehouse has plenty of space – room for growth without too much adjustment for the next four years.

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