Semper Reformanda

The ICETE Series & Theological Education

In the 500th anniversary year of the Reformation beginning with Martin Luther nailing his 95 theses to the door of Wittenberg Cathedral, Langham and ICETE* have been partnering together to continue the legacy of semper reformanda, always reforming, this time in theological education.

The ICETE Series aims to provide high quality resources to theological educators and leaders of theological institutions globally to strengthen evangelical theological education. As well as commenting on best practices in advanced education from an evangelical perspective, the series re-envisions what the possibilities are for equipping a new generation of theology students around the world.

ICETE Selected titlesAuthors and contributors with experience in theological education in the Majority World bring new perspectives to the ongoing conversation on the development and purpose of theological institutions and their transformative purpose. Rather than merely transposing a classical western philosophy of education to the subjects of these books, the authors bring much needed contextualisation to and from their respective settings along with a fresh biblical approach.

Only a fraction of Christians around the world are involved in theological education but everyone in the church is impacted by it. This series undertakes a task vital to the health and future of the global church.

View whole ICETE Series here.

*The International Council for Evangelical Theological Education is a global community, sponsored by nine regional associations of theological schools. ICETE enables international interaction and collaboration among all those concerned for the enhancement of evangelical theological education worldwide. ICETE also provides training and course accreditation to maintain excellent standards of theological education.

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