Set Free: Langham Preaching Reaches Cochabamba Prison

25 September 2007 |

by Jonathan Lamb, International Director, Langham Preaching

Recent reports from Igor Amestigui, the Langham Preaching Regional Facilitator for Latin America (Langham Predicación America Latina), bring encouraging news of the growth of preaching schools in Bolivia.

During August, three schools of expository preaching started, in addition to the one which was launched the previous month. Intriguingly, one of these preaching schools is taking place in Cochabamba prison. Pastor Cesar Alba suggested starting the preachers’ club during one of his regular visits to prisoners. ‘They accepted joyfully’, writes Igor, ‘and also have the permission from the prison authorities.’

On August 25th, at the monthly meeting of the Cochabamba preachers’ school, 14 participants received their certificates following the completion of the first level of training. And the first national meeting of the Schools of Preaching has just drawn to a close, led by Igor and with lectures from Jorge Atiencia from Colombia, which attracted wide interest, not only from throughout Bolivia, but also with delegates from Peru, Ecuador and Chile.

Igor, appointed this past June, is also continuing to work in close fellowship with country coordinators in various Latin American countries where preaching movements are already underway, as well as linking with interested leaders where work is yet to be established.

In these and many other ways, we trust that the truth of the gospel will truly set people free – whether they are in prison or not!