Growing Up for God’s Sake

5 June 2008 |

Langham Partnership International Director Chris WrightOn May 31, 2008, some 1300 people gathered in the Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Center (AECC) in Aberdeen, Scotland, for Souled Out, an organisation designed to engage Christians through dynamic, large-scale worship events. Chris Wright, International Director of the Langham Partnership International, spoke to attendees about the need to grow in Christian maturity.

The evening opened with a time of sung worship led by the Souled Out band. Chris then held out the challenge to another generation of God’s people to remember that church growth needs the element of maturity and depth built in if we are going to continue to honour God in all we do. The evening closed with the band and a chance for those attending to come forward for prayer.

Art from artist Mike Samson at Souled Out May 2008In order to give a younger audience more ways to engage with the core message, Souled Out hired a local painter (Mike Samson) who painted his understanding of what “depth, discipleship, maturity and church growth with depth” looks like. He was very visible to all present as he painted on a large canvass placed up front. The event attendees were each given sketch paper and pencils so that they could create their own images of the theme and then place them on blue board walls along the side of the hall. Another canvass wall was also set up in the front for any brave young people to come forward and paint their own understanding of the theme whilst the evening unfolded.

Chris’ message to those attending echoes the passion of Langham Partnership whose mission is to help churches in the Majority World to grow in maturity. See more information on Chris’ message to the Souled Out crowd here.