Scholarship Application Criteria & Instructions

Langham Partnership Scholarships are designed to assist with the further training of theological teachers, potential theological teachers, and outstanding strategic Christian leaders in the Majority World. Scholarships are available to those intending to study for PhDs in theological disciplines at universities, seminaries and theological colleges, which are accredited and internationally recognised. Applicants must demonstrate that the institution, or the PhD supervisor / mentor, is in sympathy with the basis of faith, aims and ethos of the Langham Partnership Scholars’ Programme.

Holding a Langham Partnership Scholarship is a special honour, and involves more than receiving financial support. Successful applicants join the wider Langham Partnership network expressed in its Scholars’, Literature and Preaching Programmes, and become members of the Fellowship of Langham Graduates which numbers over 300 evangelical scholars globally. The Langham Partnership Scholars’ Programme offers active prayer support, pastoral support, mentoring and training opportunities to its scholars. Upon completion of their doctorates, and return to work in the Majority World, Langham Partnership Scholars are expected to maintain an active ongoing interest in Langham Partnership’s work in their own country, to be committed to Langham Partnership’s vision for the strengthening of the ministry of God’s Word through faithful preaching and teaching, and, where possible, to be involved in the Langham Preaching, Literature or Scholars’ Programmes locally. Please make sure you read and understand Langham Partnership by reading our Vision, Mission and Statement of Faith before you apply.

Our Programme Policies and Priorities

Our Scholarship Programme is governed by the following policies and priorities:

  1. Our scholars will be men and women who sincerely believe, diligently study, faithfully expound and relevantly apply the Word of God.
  2. Our scholars must be Majority World Christian leaders in pursuit of a doctorate at universities, seminaries or theological colleges approved by the Scholarship Committee.
  3. Our scholarships support scholars who contextualise their research, seeking to make the gospel relevant to their culture.
  4. Our scholarships are only available to scholars who can make a definite commitment to return to the Majority World for a period of at least ten years on completion of their research, and demonstrate that they have a firm offer of employment in a Theological Institution on their return. If you cannot make this definite commitment, or have any doubts about this, please do not apply.
  5. Our scholarships are for Majority World Christian leaders who are mentored by evangelical supervisors, or by supervisors who are sympathetic to the Langham Partnership ethos, throughout the course of their doctoral study.
  6. Those intending to apply are encouraged to discuss their intended areas of research, places of study, and proposed supervisor / promoter with Langham Partnership at an early stage and seek guidance and advice.

Scholars are selected by the Langham Partnership Scholarship Committee according to the following criteria. In order to be considered for a Scholarship, you must be able to provide evidence that:

  1. You are pursuing advanced studies to prepare yourself for the training of others for Christian ministry, especially pastors, in the work of preaching and teaching.
  2. You are pursuing a PhD in one of the following areas: Old Testament, New Testament, Theology, Ethics, Church History or Inter-cultural Studies based on biblical teaching or interacting substantially with scripture and theology.
  3. You are strongly recommended by Christian leaders in your country (in both church and seminary), who can testify to your evangelical convictions and leadership potential, and who can indicate why you need to possess a doctoral qualification. Usually the applicant will be specifically recommended as a future faculty member, or already be a faculty member who has been set apart by their institution for further training.
  4. You have demonstrated academic ability and competence for doctoral research and normally already possess a postgraduate Master’s degree or can demonstrate you have a qualification of equivalent standard.
  5. You are committed to serving within your home country or region immediately upon the completion of your degree programme and for a period of at least ten years.
  6. You have raised a proportion of your support, from your savings, family and friends, your church, seminary, sending institution or other charitable trusts. [This is normally at least 30% of your total financial needs for your programme. It will be an advantage to your application to show that you can raise significant amounts of your own support.] Full-time students will need to raise sufficient funds to satisfy the financial requirements of the visa authorities for the granting of a student visa. The amounts required will be considerably larger if you intend to bring your family. The Langham Partnership Scholarship is intended to cover PhD-related expenses initially i.e. tuition fees, research expenses and other study-related expenses and only once these have been paid can the Scholarship be used for other personal expenses e.g. housing/accommodation etc.
  7. You have already applied and/or been granted registration at an institution where doctoral degrees are offered; or you are in correspondence with a possible supervisor who is sympathetic to the ethos of Langham Partnership. You are advised to discuss this in advance with the leadership of the Langham Partnership Scholars’ Programme who will be able to guide you towards a suitable university, department or supervisor.
  8. You are willing to sign the Langham Partnership Statement of Faith annually; and the Scholarship Award Agreement, which is as follows: ‘I accept the offer of a Langham Partnership Scholarship. I understand that the Scholarship is treated as a loan for the first ten years after I have completed my doctorate. I agree to repay my total Scholarship to the Langham Partnership if I do not return to the Majority World (Two-Thirds World) immediately upon completion of my doctorate. I also agree to serve in the Majority World (Two-Thirds World) for no less than ten years after completion of my doctorate. If I accept an employment position outside the Majority World within ten years of the completion of my PhD I will repay to the Langham Partnership (UK & I) ten percent of my total Scholarship for each year remaining of my ten-year commitment.’
  9. You must be willing to participate in all training events provided by Langham Partnership during the course of your study.
  10. You will normally be under 40 years of age at the time your doctoral studies commence. Instructions for Langham Partnership Scholarship Application Form

Your application may be sent for confidential review by senior Christian leaders or graduated Langham Partnership Scholars in your region. Final decisions are made by the Langham Partnership Scholarship Committee. Selection decisions are usually finalised before the end of June, but on some occasions later than this.

Langham Partnership’s commitment to Scholars

The Langham Partnership is committed to investing in scholars and their families, not just in the area of academic studies but also in the physical, emotional and relational wellbeing and spiritual nurture and growth of each Langham Partnership Scholar, their spouse and children. We do this by providing the following, wherever possible, during their course of study:

  • Practical and pastoral support to each Scholar and their family:
  • A named Scholar Care Coordinator, who is the link between Langham Partnership and the Scholar, will make regular contact with the Scholar to support them during their studies.
  • Attendance at a regional Scholar Consultation at least every two years. This is an important time for teaching and training and in promoting fellowship and networking between Scholars.
  • Links with other organisations and institutions, as applicable to the Scholars’ area of study or geographical base.
  • The opportunity to participate in seminars/courses/workshops provided by Langham Partnership including Langham Scholars, Langham Preaching and Langham Literature.

Once a Langham Partnership Scholar has successfully graduated from their course of study, the Langham Partnership is committed to promoting a career-long link with them through the Fellowship of Langham Graduates and there may be opportunities for further research and study.