Advent Devotional | Day 11: Jesus and David´s Lord

Jesús y el Señor de David

Spanish  /  Psalm 110

The Lord says to my lord: “Sit at my right hand until I make your enemies a footstool for your feet.”
– Psalm 110:1

Psalm 110, which is written by David, opens with a declaration where the Lord (Yahweh) gives authority to one whom David calls Lord (Adonai), saying: “The Lord says to my Lord, ‘Sit at my right hand until I make your enemies a footstool for your feet.’” This Lord’s authority is further confirmed when Yahweh extends his “mighty sceptre from Zion” (Psalm 110:2).

Jesus interprets this Psalm prophetically, applying it to Himself as the victorious king to whom authority and power over his opponents have been given. When the Pharisees said that the Messiah was David’s son, Jesus challenged them, asking how, if David calls him “Lord,” he can be David’s son (Matthew 22:41–45). Thus, Jesus demonstrates that, as the promised Messiah, He is Lord even of David. And this is true because He is not only David’s son but also God in the flesh!

In Genesis 3, God promised one who would be victorious over sin, death and the devil. This Messiah was humiliated, mocked and died as a martyr. But by dying and rising from the dead, He fulfilled the prophecy foretelling His victory (Hebrews 2:14-15) and His seat at God’s right hand (Ephesians 1:20-21).

How marvellous to bring that to mind! Even in the face of so many temporal powers that rise up against God, we belong to and worship the victorious King. He reigns on our behalf, and there is no enemy who can defeat Him.

And there’s more! The victorious king is also “a priest forever, in the order of Melchizedek” (Psalm 110:4). David thus foretold Jesus’ eternal priesthood (Hebrews 7:17–25). On the afternoon of His death, the veil of the temple was torn in two. Hebrews 9:1–12 helps us understand this happening as Jesus opening the way for us to have free access to the Father. And at God’s right hand, as our eternal priest, He intercedes for us (Romans 8:34).

What amazing news! As we face the reality of our own sinfulness and struggle, we have an eternal priest who opened the way to take us to God the Father. He provides for our forgiveness, reconciles us to God, and sends His Holy Spirit to sustain us in our weakness and sufferings.

And there’s still more! This king is also judge over all the nations.  Psalm 110:5–7 shows what He will do on the day of His wrath. The verbs used indicate intense actions: breaking kings and judging nations. He will condemn every unjust and unrighteous power. What began in Genesis will culminate with the second coming of the Lord who is judge and who will pronounce His judgment on the serpent and all that opposes His righteous reign (Revelation 20:11–14).

What great hope! In the midst of a world plagued by chaos, bad news, and dominated by powerful empires that subjugate the weakest and most vulner­able, what comfort to know that the One with the greatest power will use it to set things right.

Yahweh has sworn an oath and will fulfill his Word. He promised in Psalm 110 a Lord superior to David who is victorious king, eternal priest, and just judge, and His promise has been fulfilled in Jesus. Everything will be subdued under His feet. “Anti-Christ” systems and leaders will not have the last word. The Lord Jesus will return for us and reign forever. And so, every Advent season is both a reminder of His first coming and a celebration of His sure return.

Let us say today, “Thank you my king, my Lord, you who are exalted at the right hand of the Father, victorious, eternal, my priest and intercessor, the judge who will return for His church and destroy all His oppressive enemies.” And let us pray: “Come soon, oh Lord.”

Mercedes Quintero


Mercedes Quintero
Medellín, Colombia

Mercedes Quintero lives in Medellín, Colombia and serves as national coordinator of escuelitas (preaching clubs) for Langham Preaching in Colombia.