Help train and equip the global church through our national members

The ministries of the Langham Partnership depend upon the financial support of individual Christians, churches and charitable bodies. Contributions can be made through any of the national members of LPI. Each national member remains an autonomous charity in its own country. Please select a national organization to receive your donation. If you live in one of these countries, we encourage you to give through your own national organization.

New Zealand

UK & Ireland

United States

Here’s how your donation will impact someone.

Your gift will allow even more people to experience the Word of God and grow in their discipleship journeys. You will be equipping pastors and church leaders all around the world with the training and resources to share the Gospel effectively and grow the global church. The Word of God brings hope to all who hear it, transforming lives from the inside out. Your donations are helping bring the way, the truth and the life to people today who will continue to pass it on for generations to come.