Good News to the Poor

27 May 2022 |

Learn how, together, we’re equipping the church to live out its call to care for the orphan, the widow, and the needy.

Chris Wright’s latest Word on the World

14 April 2022 |
World on the World

Chris Wright, Langham’s Global Ambassador and Ministry Director, seeks a biblical response to the war in Ukraine in his latest…
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‘My constant prayer is that this madness would stop’

16 March 2022 |

Langham has a strong network of Scholars, writers and pastors in Ukraine. We’re urging supporters to pray earnestly for our…
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Providing crucial care to volcano survivors in DR Congo

15 February 2022 |

The Democratic Republic of Congo is facing significant challenges: famine, war, Covid-19. And last year a volcano erupted near Goma…
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Interview with Bayar Garamtseren, Langham Preaching Coordinator for Mongolia.

1 April 2021 |