‘Extraordinary’ book on Islam and the Bible launched

20 May 2016 |

An exciting new publication from Langham Literature was officially launched at a packed event in Oxford last month.

Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali, a Langham Scholar, addressed the audience with his strong recommendation for the book, ‘Thinking Biblically about Islam’ by Ida Glaser with Hannah Kay. Others gave their responses to the Bishop, including a Muslim and a curate.

The book’s examination of themes in Luke’s Gospel and the Old Testament stories of Moses and Elijah helps the reader to better understand the Bible, Islam and God’s heart towards Muslims.

God’s grace and goodness


New Langham Literature publication launched last month

The book emphasises godly attitudes, loving action and a deep appreciation of God’s grace and goodness as essential traits of any Christian.

More than a hundred people attended the event at Wycliffe Hall on April 28, when copies of the book were available at a reduced price.

The new title has been met with high praise from a wide-range of critics.

Deepened faith

Eminent US theologian and professor Don Carson has “highly recommended” this “extraordinary” publication, while Mohammad Reza Eghtedarian, curate for Liverpool Cathedral and Sepas, said it had “deepened” his own faith.

He added that the book encourages readers “to think about Islam through the eyes of God and ‘listen to Him’”

You can purchase a copy of ‘Thinking Biblically about Islam’ through the Langham Literature website, where a free copy will be given to a majority world customer.

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