A Passion for Justice

It was while he was waiting for the results of his bar exam that Moises first asked God to use his life to impact others.

“I was visiting a friend who was a youth pastor, and he invited me to attend a movie night to see Amazing Grace—the life of William Wilberforce. After, I uttered a prayer to the Lord, ‘I hope, Lord, when the bar exam results come, you may also use me like William Wilberforce to have an impact on the society.’”

Today, as a prosecution attorney in the special cases division of the Department of Justice in Manila, Philippines, Moises is impacting the lives of some of the most vulnerable by seeking justice for victims of human trafficking.

He explains, “Human trafficking is an issue here because of the poverty—and most of the victims just want to survive each day. Just like in a typical human trafficking case, most of the victims are women.”

But, he says, it wasn’t until he enrolled in classes at Asian Theological Seminary (ATS) that he began to understand the connection between the gospel, his own work, and what it means to bring Jesus into your profession. At ATS, he studied under Langham Scholar Dr. Athena Gorospe.

“I developed compassion”

“Before entering ATS, and being under Dr. Gorospe, I just viewed my work as simple work. After entering the seminary and learning about what Scripture says, I see they are image bearers, the concept of Imago Dei. . . I developed compassion. That revolutionised the way I handle cases.”

Langham Scholar Dr. Athena Gorospe gained a PhD with Langham’s support. 

Dr. Gorospe, a theological leader who received her PhD with support from Langham, is multiplying herself into the lives of her students, like Moises, who go on to impact their communities with a solid foundation in God’s Word.

“I’ve mentored a lot of students,” she says. “Many of them are doing pastoral ministry, some are in seminaries teaching, and then there are others, like Moises, who are in the marketplace doing the work of the kingdom. . . I see so much of God’s work being done in their lives in different spheres of life.”

Moises says that Dr. Gorospe helped him view his work as more than just a job, but as a calling from God.

Used by God

“She was instrumental in opening my eyes when it comes to the concepts of justice and mercy. . . and she enabled me to read Scripture and apply it to my line of work. I’m just overwhelmed by the work of the Lord that I’m now being used by God to administer justice to the vulnerable”

More than just justice, Moises now sees himself able to offer them something only Jesus can truly deliver: hope.

“In human trafficking cases, what is the most important to the victim is the concept of hope. . . So, praying with them and then journeying with them somehow helps them process the situation, and that God still loves and cares for them,” he says. “I don’t just see it as a mere job. I now have embraced it as my advocacy.”

Help us to help them

By supporting Langham Partnership, you can help equip leaders like Dr. Gorospe who multiply leaders like Moises to bring justice, hope and healing into some of the most broken parts of society.

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