Representing Majority World Theology in Academia

Evangelical Theological SocietyEach November, we at Langham Publishing exhibit our latest and most relevant titles at theological conferences in North America. It is an excellent opportunity to present our books to thousands of attendees browsing the exhibit halls and showcase the very best evangelical Majority World theology. Society of Biblical Literature / American Academy of Religion 2018 MeetingsBeginning with the Evangelical Theological Society (ETS), the Institute for Biblical Research (IBR) and culminating with the Society of Biblical Literature (SBL) and American Academy of Religion (AAR) meetings, it is a huge privilege to introduce professors, administrators and students to titles that connect with their areas of research, interest and study and share some of the theological scholarship taking place across the world.

Our authors are often living, working, raising families, teaching and ministering in significantly challenging contexts of political unrest, consequences of exploitative colonialism, economic poverty, censorship and persecution. More often than not, it is these stark realities that enrich our authors’ theological work as they help people better understand Scripture and their context and lead people to the good news of God in Christ, by the Holy Spirit.

Connecting with the Originators of Majority World Theology

Whilst these events are held in North America, they are truly global events with attendees ranging from Argentina, Australia, and Brazil to China, Ethiopia and the United Kingdom, travelling for these meetings, seminars and a few special discounts from a host of theological publishers! Being held this year in Denver, Langham Publishing set up for ETS on Monday, 12th November and packed down at the end of SBL/AAR on Wednesday, 21st. Many of our authors get to witness first hand the marketing, representation and selling of their books that we carry out as their publisher. And many future authors are first met at these events and potential book projects discussed, proposed and commissioned. Many Langham Scholars, current and graduated, also attend, especially for the IBR meetings and during SBL Langham staff, scholars, authors, college representatives and other partners had dinner together in what was a wonderful global gathering, a foretaste of the New Jerusalem.

Partnerships – Old and New

Representing Majority World Theology at SBL/AAR

God With Us and Without Us, Vol 1 by Imad ShehadehSince Langham Literature published its first title, we have received overwhelming support and encouragement from other publishers and ministries in the world of evangelical literature and our time in Denver was a fruitful opportunity to develop existing partnerships and commence new initiatives with friends from Zondervan, Lifeway, Reformation Heritage Books, Logos Bible Software and InterVarsity Press, amongst others. Without support from other organisations we would not be able to do the ministry that Langham Literature is involved in and we are blessed and thankful for the encouragement we received from so many professors, librarians and students who engaged with us over our two weeks in Denver. Leadership in Theological Education, Vol 1 - ICETE SeriesWe look forward to more of the same in 2019 and are excited by more books of Majority World theology and church leaders being adopted as course books, being used by ministries to steer their operations, and nourishing theological learning and education. The topic this year at ETS was ‘The Holy Spirit’ and one of the relevant books we highlighted this year was God With Us and Without Us, Volume 1 by Dr Imad Shehadeh. The focus of ETS in 2019 will be theological education and we will be presenting all the titles in the ICETE Series which was commissioned to strengthen evangelical theological education by providing resources for academic leaders. And we have already reserved our spot at AAR / SBL so make sure to find us at booth 320 opposite Oxford University Press if you are planning on attending in San Diego next year.

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