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31 July 2017 |


Solomon Andriatsimialomananarivo, or Solomon Andria as he is more commonly known, has been an integral part of Langham’s publishing work since its inception. He first studied Engineering and Electro-magnetics as an undergraduate in his home country of Madagascar, but since then he has followed a calling to theology and theological education. He has lived in France and South Africa whilst doing his postgraduate studies and now resides in Côte d’Ivoire. Previously he headed the Department of Theology at FATEAC before retiring as a formal theological educator.


Solomon now serves as the Francophone Coordinator for Langham Literature which involves overseeing the commissioning and publishing of LivresHippo, a shared imprint between a collective of Francophone publishers and Langham. He also oversees the monographs, preaching resources and other theological books Langham publishes in French. Not least of all, Solomon is the chair of the Africa Bible Commentary board and was one of the New Testament editors of the Africa Bible Commentary. He also oversaw the translation of the Africa Bible Commentary into French and Malagasy, the main language in Madagascar. An author in his own right, he has written a commentary on Romans, available in French and English as well as book on theological initiatives in Africa.

A Time to Pray

The work Solomon does for the Lord along with his fellow brothers and sisters in Christ in Abidjan, is carried out in a context of much unrest and danger. Côte d’Ivoire has had very unstable governments in recent years and the threat of coups and the violence often accompanied by such regime changes are both frightening and present real dangers to people’s safety, as well as the practical implications on everyday life and work. Please join with us in praying for Côte d’Ivoire, its church and Solomon Andria, our friend and colleague.
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