Giant steps forward in communication for Langham Preaching Africa

Langham Preaching’s Mark Meynell introducing the new App at the consultation.

One of the most significant gatherings with implications for the growth and character of the African Church took place last year.

During the first ‘All African Langham Preaching Consultation’ for country coordinators and trainers, the pioneering ‘Langham Preaching’ App was introduced.

Mark Meynell, Langham Preaching Director (Europe and Caribbean), sacrificially joined the event in Ghana for literally 24 hours, in order to teach attendees about the technology.

Consultation attendees learning how to use the new App.

Mark helped them take the giant step from old communication methods to the “app way of communicating”.

65 participants came from 27 sub-Saharan African nations for the event, with two from Egypt and key trainers from other parts of the world. The Church has grown significantly in Africa but there is a deficit of sound Biblical exposition. Read more about this important consultation.


Attendees of the ‘All African Langham Preaching Consultation’ gather for a group photo. 

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