Thanksgiving for Tyndale House Study Room

In April last year, several Langham Scholars who are currently studying in the UK gathered at Tyndale House, Cambridge, to see the permanent study room that is to be exclusively used by Langham Scholars. The study room is an ensuite bedroom with easy access to a world-class library and study facilities. During the visit, International Ministries Director Chris Wright led a prayer of thanksgiving for this provision. Former Associate Director of Langham Scholars Ian Shaw also took part in the visit. It costs over £5,000 a year to cover the costs of the room.

What is Tyndale House?

Tyndale House is a study centre focusing on advancing understanding of the Bible. Between forty and fifty scholars study here on a daily basis. Many PhD students from Cambridge University as well as other universities base themselves at Tyndale House during their studies and leading biblical scholars in all parts of the world have been formed at Tyndale House.

  • Tyndale House library is one of the world’s finest collections for biblical research.
  • Tyndale House provides medium- or long-term accommodation for scholars carrying out research on the Bible.
  • Tyndale House promotes research on all aspects of the Bible and its research staff are involved in teaching and lecturing both locally and internationally.
  • In 2006 the Kirby Laing Institute for Christian Ethics was founded at Tyndale House with the aim of promoting high-level research about ethics and also to change the way ethics are talked about among both politicians and the general public.
  • Tyndale House also seeks to make computer resources for serious Bible study freely available.
  • Tyndale House receives no public funding, and is supported by ordinary individuals who have seen that even a small regular contribution can make a significant long-term difference to the understanding of the Bible among the churches.

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The grounds of Tyndale House, Cambridge.

The world-class library.

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