Liberated from occult influences in Central Asia

Tina* is a Langham Preaching facilitator from a country in Central Asia. She has shared her fascinating life story for a ‘Preaching Postcard’:

How did Jesus find you?

I grew up in an atheist society where we were taught that there was no God. Even though I was an atheist, my mother would always say that God existed and that we should pray to him. When I turned 30, I started wrestling with questions about life’s meaning.

My mother’s death became a turning point in my spiritual journey. In our family, she was always the source of encouragement, strength and assurance. With her death I lost this sense of stability in life. One day, my best friend became a Christian. She had tried to bring me to church several times but I kept refusing. But in 1999, I moved to the capital city and faced my challenges. During this time, my friend brought me to church.

Several years later I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Saviour, after I felt liberated from some occult influences. After I became a Christian, the encouragement, strength and assurance that I lost with the death of my mother I found in God. Through Jesus, I received such great peace and profound joy that I dedicated my life to serving him.

What do you enjoy about working with Langham Preaching?

I like studying and finding the truth in God’s Word. I value deeply that Langham is committed to training preachers to preach the Word of God faithfully. I also like training and investing in other preachers.

What does serving Jesus look like for you this week?


Tina* rises early each day to reflect on God’s Word.

Every day I wake up at 5:00-5:30 and start my day with a devotional, reflecting on God’s Word. Since I work at a seminary, I feel I am reflecting on God’s Word all day long.

My main responsibilities during the week are overseeing the academic program of the seminary, making sure that the courses are taking place, that teachers are assisted properly and that students have everything they need to study well. I also supervise the daily worship services at the seminary chapel.

Lately, most of my time has been spent preparing our seminary for a regional accreditation. Currently, I am a board member in our church and occasionally I preach in our church and other churches, by invitation.

Share a resource that has helped you in your preaching (other than Langham!)

Apart from Langham, my daily devotionals and reflections are very helpful. This helps me feel I am close to God. Also I have read some good books on homiletics.

*Name changed for security reasons

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