‘Thrilling time’ for Langham Preaching in Turkey

Turkey is a beautiful country, lying in both Asia and Europe, and culturally drawing elements from the East and the West. 

Believers there are very much in the minority and face many challenges. Statistics reveal that just 0.04 percent of the population are biblical Christians (source: ufm.org.uk)

Mark Meynell leading a study day in Turkey last year..
Mark Meynell leading a study day on the book of Colossians in Turkey.

But Langham Preaching has had a postive impact in Turkey over several years. The programme’s aim is to equip local leaders in Bible handling skills, who go on to train others.

‘Gathered from all over’

In September Mark Meynell, Langham Preaching’s Director for Europe and Caribbean, travelled to Turkey to help run training sessions.

The first event was a Level 2 seminar, focussing on teaching Old Testament narrative via the book of Ruth.

Mark said: “It was thrilling because we were around 30 people (the largest I’ve been to in 15 years of coming here), gathered from all over: Samsun on the Black Sea coast, Kayseri in the middle, as well as Antalya and Istanbul, not to forget one brother from [another country].”

Played a significant part

Preaching training in Izmir, Turkey.
30 people attended preaching training in Izmir, Turkey.

He also ran a study day on the book of Colossians at Langham’s main partner organisation in Turkey. Mark said that, as before, there was a great turnout for a Saturday event. 

Mark said it was “fun” to focus on Colossians because he dedicated his commentary ‘Colossians & Philemon for you‘ to this partner organisation. He presented it to them back in 2019.

Mark was hugely encouraged by seeing the perseverance of leaders attending the events as they seek to faithfully teach God’s word week in, week out. 

Please pray

These Langham Preaching seminars play a significant part in the development of local preachers in Turkey, who often lack good fellowship and come from isolated places. 

Please pray that the Langham Preaching movement in Turkey will continue to be a blessing to the Church there.

Mark Meynell with Langham Preaching training attendees.
Mark Meynell with Langham Preaching training attendees (blurred for security reasons).
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