Transformational training for 87 pastors in Ghana

Interactive group work was integral to the training event.

“This training will impact my life and ministry”… “The group work opened my eyes”… “My sermons will be properly prepared”… “I have been transformed by this training”.

These are just some of the extremely positive comments made by those who attended in-person preaching training in Accra, Ghana last month.

Langham partnered with ‘Global Evangelical Church’ to host 87 pastors from the denomination for the four-day ‘Level 1’ event. It included interactive workshop sessions, Bible expositions, and introduced the concept of Christ-centred preaching.

‘Twisting scripture’

87 pastors from the Global Evangelical Church attended the Langham Preaching training event.

Victor Obeng, Preaching Movement Coordinator for Ghana, said this training is needed because most of the preaching in his country is “motivational and what the congregation want to hear.

“Some preachers preach out of context and twist scripture to meet their parochial interest. Based on this most Church members are not growing to maturity in Christ because they are not being fed with the truth.”

This training event was a huge success, with many attendees saying their preaching will definitely change from now on. All attendees were given copies of ‘The Challenges of Preaching’, by John Stott and Greg Scharf.

Humility and engagement

A secular news website in Ghana reported on the seminar. The article said that Victor “commended the participants for exhibiting high levels of humility and engagement”.

The Right Rev. Dr. Setorwu Kwadzo Ofori, Moderator of the Global Evangelical Church, urged participants to “put all that they were taught into action”, the website reported.

Denominational leaders in Ghana are concerned about false teaching and the so-called ‘prosperity gospel’. Therefore many are inviting Langham to train their pastors.  

All attendees were given copies of ‘The Challenges of Preaching’, by John Stott and Greg Scharf.

Watch Femi Adeleye, Langham Preaching Director for Africa, talk to Chris Wright at All Souls, Langham Place last year (filmed pre-Covid).

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